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Example Apps


Quite simply, SilverSynth is a Silverlight library used to create awesome sounds in a web browser. It can be used as a core library for developing music-based applications or for just generating noise that annoys your co-workers. It supports synthesis of sine, saw, square and triangle wave forms, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, panning, volume control, and dynamic envelopes.

This library is used for generating sound waves from well-known sine and other wave form functions - not playing or streaming mp3 or wav files.

The library includes a custom MediaStreamSource you can consume from a Silverlight application or user control with a MediaElement:

MediaElement media = new MediaElement();
StereoPcmStreamSource source = new StereoPcmStreamSource();
Oscillator oscillator = new Oscillator(){ Frequency=440 };
source.Input = oscillator;

Much of this library is based on the original work of Charles Petzold's Simple Sequencer for Silverlight - as well as his digital audio synthesis concepts he has written about in Programming Windows -

Fluent API

One of the nice features of the SilverSynth library is a fluent API that makes signal-chaining easier:

Mixer mixer = Oscillator.Create(440)

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